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The World's Finest Vintage Music

Beautifully Remastered CDs And Downloads

We hand pick the very best original vintage records and restore the music to a crystal clear quality. No crackles or hisses. No background noise. Just superior sound on unique collectable CDs. ‘Original Sound – Today’s Clarity’.

Beautifully Remastered CDs And Downloads

The World's Finest Vintage Music

We hand pick the very best original vintage records and restore the music to a crystal clear quality. No crackles or hisses. No background noise. Just superior sound on unique collectable CDs. ‘Original Sound – Today’s Clarity’.

Best Sellers

Best Sellers

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We love all our titles, but there are some that have been perennial favourites with our listeners year after year. From compilations to more niche genres,
our best-selling vintage music titles are all guaranteed to be in stock for next day delivery.
Having grown up with this music, and discovering this site, is like finding the pot of gold, at the end of the rainbow!

Past Perfect Recordings

Experience the music of the 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s as it was meant to be heard

For over 26 years, Past Perfect has been remastering classic popular sounds of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. We love great music, retro and nostalgia and it is this passion, care, attention to detail with no expense spared, that we put into the creation of our digitally remastered recordings. Past Perfect broke new ground in sound quality by revealing the original, natural music; lo-fi; presenting it with a clarity of sound as though it were being heard for the first time.  There is as little extra sound as possible, the music is the important thing.

Whether you remember the times from your youth, or are discovering this great music for the first time, you won’t find a better sound or product on the market. Past Perfect’s unique albums make a great vintage present, or a treasured addition to your own vintage music library.

Over 236K YouTube Subscribers to our Past Perfect Vintage Music Channel !  Browse and listen to our entire repertoire.

Over 50 million views on YouTube ! 12.7 million hours watched … so far !

The positive feedback we receive is remarkable. Recent examples:

A pure delight to listen to. Thank you so much for sharing these gems.
“Nothing in the present can ever beat these songs of the past.”
“It feels like listening to an old radio. This just makes my quarantine nights so much better and cosier.”
“Despite this music being well before my time I feel inexplicable relaxation, nostalgia and fondness for it.”
“Is it just me or these songs are just really good for your soul”
“I actually own a couple of Past Perfect CDs I bought years ago and have played to death. Finding all these discs online is like discovering treasure! I may never leave.”
“This kind of music in the middle of a quiet night is almost a serene experience.”

Vintage music has a purity that transcends age and we have customers across the full age spectrum. For our older listeners it brings nostalgic, emotional memories from their formative years. And our new listeners fall in love with the unique, melodic and atmospheric vintage music, which is often fused with modern genres.

“I cannot recommend this company & their superb music highly enough, they are really lovely people to deal with. I was dealing with them 20 years ago when they were still a small company & still have and cherish the cassettes & CDs I bought back then. Excellent products and excellent customer service, you won’t regret buying from Past Perfect!” Martin Faulkner

Our CDs combine carefully selected original vintage tracks from the original 78s with specially commissioned covers and a host of additional information about the artists, the music genre and the individual songs and tracks themselves. Explore the different genres: they really are the perfect vintage music gift package.

How Can The Original Recording
Sound So Good?

How Can The Original Recording
Sound So Good?

Patience, technological expertise and an obsessive drive to achieve a collectors’ quality remastering of the original recordings are the reasons we are able to achieve our remarkable quality.

Our talented sound engineers take original 78s and painstakingly remove every last scratch, crackle and hiss that would detract from the sound. They are careful, however, to not ‘over-clean’ so as to preserve the integrity and soul of the original recording.

It took the maniacal drive and perfectionism, and one million pounds of investment in time spent by the best sound engineers and equipment, to produce the Past Perfect collection of albums.

We think of our engineers as ‘sound artists’, crafting the recordings to achieve digital clarity – whilst retaining the performance quality of the best music ever performed.

The appeal of this music is wide: from a young audience just discovering classic tunes, to people planning vintage weddings, tea parties and themed events – and to a mature audience who remember being there when the music was first performed. People who simply love great music.

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

“My recent order from Past Perfect arrived, and I am thunderstruck at the clarity and freedom from noise. Comparing the original records with your transcriptions, I am in awe.”

T A Copeland

"La Vie Parisienne is absolutely delightful. All of the songs recall a childhood visit to Paris where Piaf recordings blared out of apartments into the streets. This CD begs to be played and replayed, a veritable joy."

Mrs Fekety

“For 50 years you could only find all these artists if that's your passion or by chance by scrolling radio stations. Now here they are, still as fresh as day one, it's almost like they're sharing their woes with you over a drink." Re Perfect Blues

Jack - YouTube

"I was impressed with the excellent quality and the fact that there were many tracks I hadn't heard before."

Acker Bilk, Clarinettist & Band Leader

“I feel this music right through my soul. I feel this perfectly fits me. Thank you so much" Re Vintage Tea Dance

Cy - YouTube

“I am too young to have heard George Formby perform, but I feel as if I have certainly heard him live after listening to the CD.”

D Adams
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