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Your customers will love our vintage music

So why not make some money from it?

Your customers will love our vintage music

Research has proved that playing the right type of music in public spaces such as shops, cafés and restaurants helps shoppers and diners to relax and get in the buying mood!

The Past Perfect range of vintage music features classics and undiscovered gems from every popular style of nostalgic music, from jazz and swing to romance and the iconic sounds of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. We are the UK’s leading producer of high quality, digitally remastered vintage recordings and compilations.  Our range is available to trade customers and is popular with shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

The passion we put into the digital remastering of the original recordings is also seen in the way we have approached the full package.

Far from ‘bog standard’ CD cases and covers, our cover designs have been specially commissioned from renowned artists and illustrators including Philip Castle, who designed iconic posters for Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film, Clockwork Orange.

Each title is accompanied with a booklet containing extensive and thoughtful cover notes, giving extra interesting information about the music genre, the artists and tracks.

Past Perfect Vintage CDs are a fantastic gift item and with guaranteed stock levels and our trade sale or return policy, they are a no risk addition to your customer experience.

Play and stock our music and the CDs will simply ‘fly out’.

The perfect impulse purchase

See what our trade customers have to say

See what our trade customers have to say

PLEASE NOTE: In order to play our music in a public space you will need to get a PPL Music Licence

“I happened upon the Charleston CD in a tea shop and I was so thrilled by it that I am probably going to have to get all of them ..... I am spreading the news of your company as far and wide as I can as I think the recordings are fantastic.”
Mr C, London
“If I didn’t have Past Perfect music to play, the whole ambience would change. Your albums create absolutely the right atmosphere – it’s the ONLY music to play in our Antique Centre.”  
Antiques Warehouse
“La Vie Parisienne – my top seller. Play it and it sells itself!”  
Ambience, Teddington
“No-one comes in the shop looking for a CD, but plenty of people go out with one!”  
Copper Kettle Gift Shop, Bamburgh

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