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Expertly Remastered Sound

Past Perfect was founded on a mission to produce the finest remastered performances of the greatest period of popular music.

It took the maniacal drive and perfectionism, and one million pounds of investment in time spent by the best sound engineers and equipment, to produce the Past Perfect collection of albums.

You may wonder why the big music companies who may have been responsible for the original recordings, have not fulfilled this need. One reason is that the majority of original recordings no longer exists. And the only way to produce new digital recordings is, believe it or not-to find the best 78rpm vinyls and start from there.

So begins a search for 78rpm records in fine condition to build a great compilation of tracks for your albums. The search leads us to a handful of dedicated collectors with tons of thousands of 78s. These collectors, shall we say are rather special, and must be persuaded and ultimately convinced of the sense and integrity of the compilation.

Once the required 78s are sourced, the remastering of the recordings can begin. Achieving the Past Perfect standard is not simply a matter of allowing a computer programme to do its work. Literally every second of the recording is analysed and extraneous instances of noise that certainly were not part of the original performance are removed. This may represent a scratch on the vinyl, a crackle from the original recording process, or excessive hiss.

It requires an artist’s skill and judgement to draw the line with this process. To make sure the original sound is preserved. Importantly, we certainly don’t add anything artificial. Original Sound, Today’s Clarity was our aim. ’I Don’t Know How They Do It – The Artist Live Again’ Desmond Carrington, BBC Radio 2, is the result.

“I already have 20 Past Perfect albums in my collection and they are an unfailing source of pleasure. What’s more, the service is exceptional, with discs generally arriving the day after you’ve ordered them… Initiate your young into the delights of George Formby. Pep up your maiden aunt with Fats Waller. Treat yourself to Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli and enjoy in a warm glow of stylish nostalgia.”
Charles Spencer, Theatre Critic, The Spectator

The value you get with a Past Perfect CD doesn’t end there. From the beginning we have commissioned knowledgeable, interesting writers to compose the extensive booklet that comes with each CD.

The booklet artwork is another source of interest and pleasure. Great care has gone into their creation and many covers feature specially commissioned artwork by Philip Castle the renowned airbrush artist, whose works include the posters for films Apocalypse Now and Clockwork Orange.

From the beginning our album releases gained high praise. The Fats Waller CD being BBC Radio 2 record of the week.

Our unique albums make a perfect vintage present, or an enjoyable addition to your own music library.

Discover our entire repertoire of wonderful vintage music on our award-winning YouTube Channel, Past Perfect Vintage Music. We have a remarkable fan-base of over 250K subscribers and over 54 million views !

Nigel Jagger

Original Vintage Recordings

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

A great reproduction is not much without great service, and from the beginning we have strived to offer a resonant service; a quick delivery, always keeping every album in stock.

Finally, an absolutely no quibble guarantee of satisfaction:

If you are not happy with your purchase, return it for a full refund.

Full range only available direct

Every CD Always in Stock

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Free UK postage (on orders over £30)

A Full Refund If You Don't Love It

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Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Our customers purchase our CDs for lots of reasons. We have old and young who just love the vintage vibe. Some customers are purchasing for a specific event such as a Murder Mystery or themed party when having the right era of music makes all the difference.

Scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function, and music plays an important role in health care. Music is therapy, it perks you up and can be a powerful source of joy and comfort.

We have as many great testimonials for our service as for our products. This is entirely attributable to Kathy Garner our General Manager, who personally looks after our wonderful loyal customers.

It's nice to do business with people who care for their customers' well being ! I will certainly be a repeat customer.
Ben Ferguson, USA
The sound is superb - somehow it's the original sound, but better! A big thumbs up to Past Perfect for what are top quality CDs, in every respect.
Michael Law, The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra
When I see politeness and efficienty I have to say a big thank you. I can well understand the marvellous things that other customers have written about your company. And you, Kathy Garner, did not have to go to this trouble but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Mr Lainas, Ilkley
Just had to say that the sound quality of these transfers is quite remarkable, particularly considering the rather basic technology available when they were first cut. 
S Bryant
It's wonderful to see that the quality of customer service is as high as the quality of your recordings.
Carol Finke
It is my intention to get more of your CDs. Your warmth and care is a jewel in today's commerce.
Reg MacDonald, Australia
What a joy to listen to Past Perfect's 'Perfect Swing' and 'Perfect Big Bands' collections. Not only do they mix popular favourites with occasional rarities, but the clarity of reproduction is startling. They keep Past Perfect as one of the world's leaders in sound restoration.
Malcolm Laycock, BBC Radio 2
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