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We are not CD resellers, we are the creators of digitally remastered vintage music compilations from the original artist recordings. Our titles are available to be used under licence across a variety of commercial uses.

The right track can make or break a film, TV show or advertisement. Our tracks can be licensed for the use as atmospheric and authentic soundtracks for TV and films. Hit TV shows such as Agatha Christie ‘ABC Murders’ and major feature films including ‘The King’s Speech’, have already benefitted from our music.

The quality of our recordings means that our music is a favourite for use in TV advertising for brands including Square Card Readers and Chicago Town Bagels.

We also work with companies who are producing in-house videos, whether for corporate promotion or training purposes.

Licensees love the crystal clear quality of our digitally remastered recordings that take away distracting hisses and crackles to reveal the purity of the original artists. There is as little extra sound as possible, the music is the important thing.

Browse the award-winning Past Perfect Vintage Music YouTube channel and listen to our entire repertoire.

Films and TV



One off events such as festivals, shows and museum exhibitions are increasingly using multi-sensory displays and exhibits to engage with visitors. Our recordings instantly conjure a time and place that transport the listener and enhances the experience of the event.

Video Games

Video Games

Video games may not be an obvious use of vintage music but, as the video game market matures, it is looking for different genres and turning to a wider styles of music, including vintage.

For many young gamers this is their first exposure to different eras of music!

We have provided tracks for use in video games and this is an increasingly important licensing area for us.

“You know it's really funny, thanks to video games like; BioShock, Fallout, and a couple other games, people of this generation are being introduced to this style of music! And loving it!! People get curious on what these types of songs are on the soundtrack, and now are being introduced to 50-60s music. Gotta praise video games for one thing, they bring people to good music. “  
Evie Frye (Past Perfect Youtube review)

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