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George Gershwin: Orchestral Works 1924 to 1938

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Historic recordings made between 1924-1938, featuring the great man himself on piano. Includes the first recording of ‘Rhapsody in Blue, with Paul Whiteman & His Concert Orchestra.
Of his Second Rhapsody, Gershwin declared “In many respects, such as orchestration and form, it is the best thing I’ve written”.
“Could have been recorded last week. No hisses or scratches anywhere. No distortion. Thank you for this, PastPerfect.” Peter Taylor

Download: £7.00


  1. Cuban Overture George Gershwin 0:29
  2. An American in Paris George Gershwin 0:30
  3. Rhapsody in Blue George Gershwin 0:30
  4. Second Rhapsody George Gershwin 0:30
  5. Piano Concerto in F: 1st Movement George Gershwin 0:30
  6. Piano Concerto in F: 2nd Movement George Gershwin 0:29
  7. Piano Concerto in F: 3rd Movement George Gershwin 0:30


  • Including Rhapsody In Blue: One Of American’s Most Popular Concert Works
  • Written For Paul Whiteman & His Concert Orchestra
  • Gershwin’s Piano Concerto Received Most Praise From The Classical World
  • ‘Who Cares About Weak Spots When There Is Greatness’ said Hans Keller

Very few composers have achieved instant celebrity to anything like the degree that George Gershwin enjoyed following the overnight success of the first performance of his Rhapsody In Blue on 12 February 1924 but then the concert to which it provided the grand finale was an event in itself. Paul Whiteman, one of New York’s foremost bandleaders had hired the Aeolian Hall for what was billed as ‘An Experiment in Modern Music’.. The ‘experiment’ was to see whether it was possible for American composers to achieve a synthesis between classical and popular idioms and forms; and the jury which would decide the matter was to include such luminaries as Jascha Heifetz and Serge Rachmaninov.


1 review for George Gershwin: Orchestral Works 1924 to 1938

  1. Heather F, USA

    I think you are doing a wonderful job preserving this old music for posterity. It is too valuable to be lost and conveyes so much of the character of the respective eras that you are working with… Your quality of product is all that you and others say about it. Keep up the good work and keep searching for new items before they are irretrievably lost … Thanks for your prompt communication. You will be hearing more from me.

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