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La Vie Parisienne: French Chansons From The 1930s & 40s

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La vie Parisienne on YouTube: over 7.4 million views !! 154,000 likes!
La vie Parisienne features the greatest French stars of the 1930s & 40s. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary richness of the chanson between the 1920s and the 1950s through the compelling talents of many French singers. Over 3.5 million views on YouTube and more than 65 thousand likes!
“… absolutely delightful. All of the songs recall a childhood visit to Paris where Piaf recordings blared out of apartments into the streets. This CD begs to be played and replayed, a veritable joy.” Mrs Feketey
“I have no idea what they’re saying, but i just like to listen to it because it makes me feel like I’m at Paris, like if you want to go to Paris or been there before” YouTube
“This music makes me imagine myself in Paris with the love of my life..watching the Tour Eiffel sparkling at night, walking around the streets, watching sunset while sitting on a chair in Jardin de Tuileries, eating in some little fancy restaurant and watch people walk around” YouTube
“This is my absolute favorite Past Perfect collection, and I let these play when I’m at work. Makes my day easier.” YouTube


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  1. La Vie En Rose Edith Piaf 0:30
  2. Boum!!... Charles Trenet 0:30
  3. Clopin-Clopant Yves Montand 0:30
  4. Si J'étais Blanche Josephine Baker 0:30
  5. Rendez-Vous Sous La Pluie Jean Sablon 0:30
  6. Toi Et Moi Maurice Chevalier 0:30
  7. Ultrafox Reinhardt & Grappelli 0:30
  8. Monsieur Lenoble Edit Piaf 0:30
  9. J'attendrai Tino Rossi 0:30
  10. La Dernière Bergère Jean Sablon 0:30
  11. Pigalle Georges Ulmer 0:30
  12. Les Feuilles Mortes Yves Montand 0:30
  13. J'ai Deux Amours Josephine Baker 0:30
  14. Le Retour Des Saisons Charles Trenet 0:30
  15. Les Amants De Paris Edith Piaf 0:30
  16. Un Baiser Jean Sablon 0:30
  17. Bouquet De Paris Maurice Chevalier 0:30
  18. Poème Tino Rossi 0:30
  19. Vous Etes Jolie Charles Trenet 0:30
  20. Parlez-Moi D'amour Lucienne Boyer 0:30
  21. My Sweet Reinhardt & Grappelli 0:30
  22. La Mer Charles Trenet 0:30
  23. C'est Si Bon Yves Montand 0:30
  24. C'est Merveilleux Edith Piaf 0:30
  25. Cette Chanson Est Pour Vous Jean Sablon 0:30


  • Abounds With Vibes Of Paris
  • French Music Of The 1930s & 40s
  • 25 Easy Listening & Evocative Tracks
  • Our Best Selling Album
  • Expertly Remastered Sound
  • Relaxing Background French Cafe Music
  • A Wonderful Vintage Gift
  • “Thank you so much for this compilation! When my mood goes down like a thunderstorm, because of the heartbreak, I switch on this music and my soul starts to fly and the endless warmth wraps up my heart.” Tania

The EC and the Channel Tunnel notwithstanding, the twenty-first century finds France and Britain still viewing each other suspiciously across the same twenty-five mile ditch, their centuries-old legacy of political rivalry and mutual opprobrium more or less intact. It does not help that the English insist on addressing their Gallic neighbours in GCSE French – a language unknown in France – and that the French themselves remain doggedly monoglot. However, one curious side-effect of this long-standing trans-Channel information gap is that each side secretly suspects the other of having a superior grasp of the universe, indeed of probably having a better time generally.
Does this mean that much of the mystique surrounding the great French vocalists and French chansons – merely their word for ‘songs’ after all – is the result of wilful Anglo-Saxon self-delusion? The probable answer is yes, given that most of our parents and grandparents would have had few clues as to whether Edith Piaf, Jean Sablon and Charles Trenet were singing about a lost love or a light lunch. However, this in itself is a sort of tribute to a generation of French singers whose talents were compelling enough to bridge the linguistic divide between them and their foreign audience.


5 reviews for La Vie Parisienne: French Chansons From The 1930s & 40s

  1. R.F.

    La Vie Parisienne is absolutely delightful. I love the quality of the recordings, the chosen artists, the entire atmosphere when listening to this CD abounds with the perfect vibe of Paris. It will be well used and cared for.

  2. Cherry B

    I bought this CD after hearing it being played in a cafe and have not been disappointed. It is very easy listening and very evocative of the era and i would recommend to anyone who enjoys being transported back in time to a more romantic age.

  3. Andrew Scott

    I knew that the French had produced some good tunes leading up to the Second World War in the 1930’s and 40’s. This compilation confirms that pre-knowledge.
    The reproduction is well done and the quality of the sound does bring back the spirit of what was a dark time in the end for other nations as well.
    I have discovered an appreciation of Edith Piaf and Charles Trenet.

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