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Sophistication 3: More Vintage Style From the 1930s & 40s

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The leisurely, moneyed life of the leisure classes of the thirties has vanished for ever. All swept away into a past fondly recalled in songs by Frank Sinatra, Carroll Gibbons, Jack Buchanan, Al Bowlly. This great album features another 22 tracks on this third offering from the Past Perfect ‘Sophistication’ series CDs.
Featuring recording by Hildegarde, with Caroll Gibbons & His Boy Friends: This Year’s Kisses. This version licensed by us for the feature film Nightmare Alley, starring Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett.
“Don’t know how you did it, but you nailed it! Thank you so much, I’ve been painting my house and drinking champagne and listening to this over and over. Took me back to a place I’ve never been” J Mang

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  1. So Rare Carroll Gibbons 0:30
  2. This Year's Kisses Hildegarde 0:30
  3. Paradise Frank Sinatra 0:30
  4. Si Tu M'Aimes Jean Sablon 0:30
  5. Chasing Shadows Reinhardt & Grappelli 0:30
  6. Isn't This A Lovely Day? Fred Astaire 0:30
  7. Someday I'll Find You Gertrude Lawrence 0:30
  8. Sophisticated Lady Hutch 0:30
  9. Your Heart Skips A Beat Jessie Matthews 0:30
  10. Goodnight, Vienna Jack Buchanan 0:30
  11. These Foolish Things Benny Carter 0:30
  12. A Foggy Day Carroll Gibbons 0:30
  13. Sweet And Lovely Al Bowlly 0:30
  14. The Man I Love Elisabeth Welch 0:30
  15. Something To Do With Spring Noel Coward 0:30
  16. Cheek To Cheek (Joue A Joue) Hildegarde 0:30
  17. Room Five Hundred And Four Hutch 0:30
  18. When Love Comes Swingin' Along Al Bowlly 0:30
  19. One Good Tune Deserves Another Jack Buchanan 0:30
  20. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket Fred Astaire 0:30
  21. I Saw Stars Hutch 0:30
  22. Dearest Love Noel Coward 0:30


  • The Glamorous 1930s
  • Dance Bands, European Jazz, Popular Singers
  • Featuring Sinatra & Al Bowlly
  • Third Offering In This Popular Series
  • 22 Sophisticated Classics

The leisurely, moneyed life of the leisure classes of the thirties has vanished for ever.  The elegance is still there of course, and the shops and the nightlife; but the rich and famous spend more time globe-trotting.  The delights of  nightclubs, restaurants and hotels are of a different order now.  The time has long since past when various establishments vied for custom through the excellence of their music, their own bands for dancing and listening to, the glittering cabaret stars, singers, speciality acts and variety performers, all swept away into a past now fondly recalled by those lucky enough to have seen them perform, but who can now enjoy many of their performances captured on recordings made during those glamorous far off times.



2 reviews for Sophistication 3: More Vintage Style From the 1930s & 40s

  1. Mr TC

    Thank you, thank you, thank you……. It’s so cool that you have preserved this music with such integrity

  2. John Fisher

    This is to congratulate you on your ultra efficient organization

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