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Al Bowlly: Love Is the Sweetest Thing. 1930s & 40s Dance Bands Vocalist

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Our popular album featuring classic tracks from Al Bowlly, the greatest dance band singer of them all. Enjoy 24 favourite and rare Bowlly tracks.
“On a lovely summer afternoon, what could be better than sitting in the garden, a glass of something in your hand and listening to Al’s voice singing on the breeze. A timeless pleasure indeed.” Amazon customer
“This collection of Al Bowlly is quite one of the best because some of them are not so commonly heard, thank you again. I never imagined I would ever get to hear original recordings of songs long lost to me. Happily listening is exactly what I’m doing…. all the best to you, PastPerfect. (Past Perfect is exactly what it is)” Peter Taylor

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  1. Sweet And Lovely Al Bowlly 0:30
  2. Love Is The Sweetest Thing Al Bowlly 0:30
  3. Lying In The Hay Al Bowlly 0:30
  4. Stay On The Right Side Of The Road Al Bowlly 0:30
  5. You Ought To See Sally On Sunday Al Bowlly 0:30
  6. It's Psychological Al Bowlly 0:30
  7. Say When Al Bowlly 0:30
  8. When Love Comes Swinging Along Al Bowlly 0:30
  9. Easy To Love Al Bowlly 0:30
  10. Little Old Lady Al Bowlly 0:30
  11. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Al Bowlly 0:30
  12. Marie Al Bowlly 0:30
  13. You're A Sweetheart Al Bowlly 0:30
  14. You Couldn't Be Cuter Al Bowlly 0:30
  15. Just Let Me Look At You Al Bowlly 0:30
  16. Music, Maestro Please Al Bowlly 0:30
  17. On The Sentimental Side Al Bowlly 0:30
  18. Penny Serenade Al Bowlly 0:30
  19. Heart And Soul Al Bowlly 0:30
  20. Two Sleepy People Al Bowlly 0:30
  21. Any Broken Hearts To Mend? Al Bowlly 0:30
  22. It Was A Lover And His Lass Al Bowlly 0:30
  23. Torn Sails Al Bowlly 0:30
  24. Dreamy Serenade Al Bowlly 0:30


  • The greatest dance band singer of them all
  • Original Album Artwork by Philip Castle
  • Including rare recordings ‘Torn Sails’ and ‘Dreamy Serenade’
  • Unsurpassed sound quality
  • Featuring well-loved songs ‘Sweet & Lovely’ And ‘Heart & Soul’
  • “Radiant! Fabulous! Popular music at it’s peak.” Michael Law, The Piccadilly Dance Orchestra

When I was seventeen, a girl with whom I was friendly took me to see her sister who was setting up her first matrimonial home.  “You collect records”, the sister said, “here’s a box of old 78s I found in the attic”.  They were old indeed!  A quick glance showed they were Decca records from the early 1930s, and were all by Roy Fox and his Band ‘At the Monseigneur Restaurant’. Unfortunately I didn’t like old Decca records.  They had loud surface noise and the recording quality was often dreadful.  However, politely, I took them. Once I got home I tried them out, and the surface noise was just as bad as I’d feared, and the band was thin-sounding and distant; but the anonymous vocalist on most of the records had an appealing voice.  He sounded quite a ‘character’ on the up-tempo numbers and the romantic titles were sung with genuine feeling.  It took a year for someone to identify the singer for me.  It was Al Bowlly and by then I was an addict.



2 reviews for Al Bowlly: Love Is the Sweetest Thing. 1930s & 40s Dance Bands Vocalist

  1. BBC Radio North

    This is, by far and away, the finest Al Bowlly album now available

  2. Sylvia W

    I just had to write to say how extremely impressed I am with the speed of your service. The Al Bowlly CD that I ordered from you less than 48 hours ago is already in my CD player and being thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for being so prompt.

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