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The Age of Style: 50 Classic Tracks from the 1930s. 2 CD Set

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If the Art Deco style – at its height in the 1930s – could be put into words and music then the artists on this 2-CD collection would come closest to symbolising it. Immerse yourself with The Age Of Style; The Greats of the 1930s
“Love this…there’s something so carefree about this type of music, just lay down and all your troubles wash away. I’m only 27 but get such a feeling of nostalgia listening to this…it’s amazing” Viola

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  1. How Do You Do Mr. Right? Frances Day 0:30
  2. Change Partners Fred Astaire 0:30
  3. You Carroll Gibbons 0:30
  4. Deep In A Dream Greta Keller 0:30
  5. It's De-Lovely Hutch 0:30
  6. By The Fireside Jessie Matthews 0:30
  7. Roll Along, Prairie Moon Al Bowlly 0:30
  8. I Wish I Were Twins Turner Layton 0:30
  9. Deep Purple Turner Layton 0:30
  10. The Girl I Knew Elisabeth Welch 0:30
  11. Leave A Little For Me Jack Buchanan 0:30
  12. Moonglow Reinardt & Grappelli 0:30
  13. Love In Bloom Noel Coward 0:30
  14. Let Yourself Go Ginger Rogers 0:30
  15. May I Have The Next Romance With You? Hutch 0:30
  16. I Believe In Miracles Hildegarde 0:30
  17. Sing, Baby, Sing/You Turned The Tables On Me Carroll Gibbons 0:30
  18. Would You Like To Take A Walk? Marion Harris 0:30
  19. Looking On The Bright Side Layton & Johnstone 0:30
  20. Would You? Greta Keller 0:30
  21. South Of The Border Al Bowlly 0:30
  22. With Thee I Swing Carroll Gibbons 0:30
  23. After You, Who? Fred Astaire 0:30
  24. Down By The River Hutch 0:30
  25. A Thousand Goodnights Raie Da Costa 0:30
  26. Love Locked Out Al Bowlly 0:30
  27. It's An Old Southern Custom Carroll Gibbons 0:30
  28. I Think I Can Jack Buchanan 0:30
  29. Stairway To The Stars Greta Keller 0:30
  30. Remember Me? Hutch 0:30
  31. Dancing On The Ceiling Jessie Matthews 0:30
  32. Smoke Rings Reinhardt & Grappelli 0:30
  33. The Glory Of Love Hildegarde 0:30
  34. Living In Clover Jack Buchanan 0:30
  35. Heart & Soul Dorothy Carless & Billy Mayerl 0:30
  36. Everything I Have Is Yours Al Bowlly 0:30
  37. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? Frances Day 0:30
  38. I've Got You Under My Skin Carrolll Gibbons 0:30
  39. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket Ginger Rogers 0:30
  40. Don't Blame Me Hutch 0:30
  41. Harlem In My Heart Elisabeth Welch 0:30
  42. Heaven Can Wait Turner Layton 0:30
  43. Transatlantic Lullaby Adelaide Hall 0:30
  44. We Were So Young Noel Coward 0:30
  45. You Hit The Spot/I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze Carroll Gibbons 0:30
  46. One More Kiss Jessie Matthews 0:30
  47. Flying Down To Rio Fred Astaire 0:30
  48. Lamplight Greta Keller 0:30
  49. When Day Is Done Benny Carter 0:30
  50. I Still Love To Kiss You Goodnight Hutch 0:30


  • 50 Classic 1930s Compositions
  • Double Disc Album
  • Magical Songs; A Sheer Delight
  • Digitally Remastered
  • An Age When Lyrics Could Be Heard, Not Drowned By The Bands

If the Art Deco style, at its height in the 1930s, could be put into words and music then the artists on this collection would come closest to symbolising it. And what a wealth of popular songs and melodies they had to choose from! Many of the best compositions (of this genre) emanated from Hollywood musicals and Broadway shows, though there were quite a few world class British numbers also from the pens of Noel Coward and Vivian Ellis, to name only two.
A Vivian Ellis composition (words and music) opens our compilation. Sung by Frances Day (1907-1984), How Do You Do, Mr Right?’ comes from the musical ‘The Fleet’s Lit Up’ which enjoyed a run of 199 performances at the London Hippodrome, closing in February 1939. A well established star by this time, Frances introduced the Cole Porter number ‘It’s De-Lovely’ in the same show. If you’re patient a little longer, you will be treated to this song by Hutch of whom more anon. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?’ was the best of a batch of songs written by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel for the rather forgettable Paramount movie ‘Sitting Pretty’ (1933). Frances’ career waned post-war though she did continue to appear in plays and on TV throughout the Fifties and Sixties. Her last stage appearance was opposite Bob Monkhouse in ‘The Gulls’ (December 1965).


3 reviews for The Age of Style: 50 Classic Tracks from the 1930s. 2 CD Set

  1. BBC Radio 2

    A beautiful production…50 gems in all

  2. Isabelle V

    I play these tracks every morning in the office. It’s perfect for me to start my day. Thank you.

  3. Peter T

    CD received barely 24 after placing order.  That’s what I call brilliant service only equal to the superb quality of the Age of Style Double CD.

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