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The Songs & Music of WW 2: Expertly Remastered 2 CD Set

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Gracie Fields and ‘The Thing-Ummy-Bob (That’s Going To Win Us The War)’ brings to mind that hard working girls and men working in the munitions factories up and down the country for the war effort. This comprehensive 2-CD set is an amusing and evocative double album of music from the Second World War. Superb value with 51 tracks.
“Dare I say this is one of the greatest compositions of WWII. Its got a lot of staple 40s sounds and plenty of groove!” S Bounds

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  1. The Girl Who Loves A Soldier Leon Cortez 0:30
  2. Run Rabbit Run Flanagan & Allen 0:30
  3. In The Mood King Sisters 0:30
  4. The Washing On The Siegfried Line The Two Leslies 0:30
  5. Where Does Poor Pa Go In the Blackout Norman Long 0:30
  6. Berlin Or Bust Sam Browne/The Six Swingers 0:30
  7. We'll Meet Again Jack Hylton & His Orchestra 0:30
  8. Imagine Me In The Maginot Line George Formby 0:30
  9. Wish Me Luck Gracie Fields 0:30
  10. They Can't Black Out The Moon Jay Wilbur 0:30
  11. Please Leave My Butter Alone Elsie Carlisle 0:30
  12. It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow Denny Dennis 0:30
  13. Don't Let's Be Beastly To The Germans Noël Coward 0:30
  14. I Fell In Love With An Airman Tessie O'Shea 0:30
  15. There'll Come Another Day Leslie "Hutch" Hutchinson 0:30
  16. The Deepest Shelter In Town Florence Desmond 0:30
  17. Bless'em All George Formby 0:30
  18. The Last Time I Saw Paris Turner Layton 0:30
  19. Oh! What A Surprise For A Duce! Elsie Carlisle 0:30
  20. The King Is Still In London Ambrose And His Orchestra 0:30
  21. Oh! How He Misses His Missus Billy Cotton & His Band 0:30
  22. Could You Please Oblige Us With A Bren Gun? Noël Coward 0:30
  23. The Victory Roll Pat Kirkwood 0:30
  24. The Grand Old Man Max Miller 0:30
  25. Mister Brown Of London Town Carroll Gibbons 0:30
  26. That Lovely Weekend Geraldo & His Orchestra 0:30
  27. There'll Always Be An England Sam Browne 0:30
  28. Cash For Your Trash Fats Waller & His Rhythm 0:30
  29. Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree Glenn Miller 0:30
  30. The White Cliffs Of Dover Vera Lynn 0:30
  31. The Bombadier Song Bing Crosby 0:30
  32. When The Roses Bloom Again Connie Boswell 0:30
  33. Der Fuehrer's Face Spike Jones & His City Slickers 0:30
  34. I Don't Want To Walk Without You Celia Lipton 0:30
  35. This Is Worth Fighting For Leslie "Hutch" Hutchinson 0:30
  36. The Thing-Ummy-Bob Gracie Fields 0:30
  37. Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition Joe Loss 0:30
  38. You'll Never Know Vera Lynn 0:30
  39. Commando Patrol RAF Dance Orchestra 0:30
  40. I'm Gonna Get Lit Up Joe Loss And His Band 0:30
  41. I'm Saving A Dime Bing Crosby 0:30
  42. Comin' In On A Wing & A Prayer Ambrose 0:30
  43. I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen Turner Layton 0:30
  44. Cleanin' My Rifle (And Dreamin' Of You) Billy Ternent & His Orchestra 0:30
  45. Till All Our Prayers Are Answered Paula Green 0:30
  46. The Vict'ry Polka Joe Loss And His Band 0:30
  47. Lilli Marlene Marlene Dietrich 0:30
  48. They're Either Too Young Or Too Old Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans 0:30
  49. I'll Be Seeing You Dinah Shore 0:30
  50. I'm Gonna See My Baby Johnny Mercer 0:30
  51. I'm Gonna Love That Guy Adelaide Hall 0:30


  • Evocative War Songs – 51 tracks
  • Features ‘Run, Rabbit, Run’
  • Over 2 Hours Of Classic Songs From The 40s
  • Perfect for the Year 6 Schools Curriculum WWII topics
  • “Spending more time at home than normal these days. I keep coming back to this its so damn good. Thank you so much for this collection” Carol W, UK

During ‘The Phoney War’, the early months of World War II, there appeared a rash of comic, almost infantile songs which poked fun at Hitler and his cohorts in most uncomplimentary ways. They fulfilled a need for the moment at a time when many people thought that the hostilities, if not exactly “all over by Christmas” would finish within a few months. At the same time, and for the most part more substantial, were patriotic (sometimes jingoistic) songs which reflected the prevalent mood. Then again there were the topical songs about black outs, rationing and of course the armed forces. Finally there were the songs which, while not alluding to the war per se, have become forever associated with that dark period in our island’s history.
Noel Gay (born Reginald Armitage) was one of the most prolific British songwriters of the Thirties and early Forties. He is responsible, with Ralph Butler, for our two opening numbers. Leon Cortez & His Coster Pals begin with a good, punchy version of The Girl Who Loves A Soldier followed by a song forever associated with its creators, Flanagan & Allen. This is Run, Rabbit, Run. Both of these numbers featured in the George Black revue ‘The Little Dog Laughed’ which opened at the London Palladium on 11 October 1939 at a time when many of the major London theatres were still closed, as instructed by the Home Secretary on the declaration of war. Impresario Black commissioned another new song for the show from songwriters Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr. Inspired by a cartoon in the ‘Daily Express’, they came up with the well remembered (We’re Gonna Hang Out) The Washing On The Siegfried Line delivered with much verve by the popular double act The Two Leslies (Leslie Sarony & Leslie Holmes). With The Crazy Gang at their best and a show with a high quality and peppy score, ‘The Little Dog Laughed’ ran for 461 performances. The Siegfried Line was in fact a line of fortifications built by the Germans before and during the war.


5 reviews for The Songs & Music of WW 2: Expertly Remastered 2 CD Set

  1. Mr VDW

    Got quite a number of your CDs now … making me realise that, music wise, I live two generations too late

  2. Mr W

    You can’t even hear any hisses or crackles … and the delivery service is fantastic. I just had to phone you and say how absolutely pleased I am

  3. Mr P

    Kathy you are a real sweetheart. I have been looking for the words of that song for many years. I remember it being played as a signature tune on the radio at 5 every evening

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