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Everybody Sing: 1930s & 40s Songs From Hollywood Musicals

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When the silver screen learned to talk it also learned to sing, as some of the greatest vocalists eloquently prove on this album featuring 20 American classic movie songs.
“I love the music from this era. I learned to appreciate it listening to it being played and sung by my Dad over many years.” Audrey
“I know everyone must say this, but I must congratulate you – the quality of the discs is excellent.” Mr Monte, Wales

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  1. Everybody Sing Judy Garland 0:30
  2. If It's You Tony Martin 0:30
  3. When I Love I Love Carmen Miranda 0:30
  4. Bojangles Of Harlem Fred Astaire 0:30
  5. Ain't It A Shame About Mame Mary Martin 0:30
  6. When My Ship Comes In Eddie Cantor 0:30
  7. I'm No Angel Mae West 0:30
  8. Treat Me Rough Mickey Rooney 0:30
  9. Let Yourself Go Ginger Rogers 0:30
  10. With Plenty Of Money And You Dick Powell 0:30
  11. Easy To Love Frances Langford 0:30
  12. Two Sleepy People Bob Hope & Shirley Ross 0:30
  13. Sand In My Shoes Connie Boswell 0:30
  14. Ol' Man River Paul Robeson 0:30
  15. Never In A Million Years Alice Faye 0:30
  16. Sweet Little Headache Bing Crosby 0:30
  17. The Moon Of Manakoora Dorothy Lamour 0:30
  18. You Are Too Beautiful Al Jolson 0:30
  19. It's Raining Sunbeams Deanna Durbin 0:30
  20. A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening Frank Sinatra 0:30


  • Songs From Talented Vintage Music Artists
  • Hollywood Musical Hits Including Bojangles Of Harlem
  • 20 American Movie Songs
  • Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
  • Music From The Silver Screen

When the silver screen learned to talk, it learned to sing as well.  In 1927 the part-talkie ‘The Jazz Singer’ made its appearance and, through its success, saved the Warner Bros. studio from bankruptcy.  Soon every star on every film lot was dragooned into performing in elephantine film reviews whether they had any talent for it or not.  Luckily, all the performers we feature here were renowned for their performing talents.
Our title track comes from ‘The Broadway Melody of 1938’ made a year earlier, and so called to differentiate it from two previous Broadway Melody films (there was still the Broadway Melody of 1940 to come.)  Everybody Sing was introduced by the former Frances Gumm, now MGM’s wonderfully talented child star, Judy Garland.
Another name change: Alvin Morris became Tony Martin when this charismatic former saxophone player concentrated on his singing, and established himself as a popular film star.  In 1941, shortly after his marriage to Alice Faye was dissolved, Martin appeared in a Marx Brothers extravaganza, ‘The Big Store’ and sang a number of songs including If It’s You.
Maria do Carmo Miranda do Cunha was born in Lisbon, but achieved fame in Brazil and subsequently on film in Hollywood as Carmen Miranda.  Her vivacious personality, her energetic dancing and staccato singing enlivened many a 20th Century Fox musical.  ‘Weekend In Havana’ also made in 1941 was cheerful escapist fare; When I Love, I Love presents the diminutive fireball in typically ebullient form.


2 reviews for Everybody Sing: 1930s & 40s Songs From Hollywood Musicals

  1. Alf L, Belgium

    Good thing about CDs is the inlays – I love reading about an artist and the music while I listen. Thanks for the incredible customer service. I’ll be back.

  2. Mr Deller, Minehead

    These CDs are the best thing since sliced bread! When I like something I go mad for it, so there’s another order on the way. You people are so kind and accommodating.

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