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Words & Music Of Noel Coward: Songs From The 20s, 30s & 40s

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Composer, librettist, playwright, actor, singer and director – Noel Coward was all of these. He was also quintessentially English, patriotic and proud of it. This classic collection features 23 different recordings ranging from 1928 to 1950. Past Perfect is proud to present a tribute to the versatility and brilliance of this multi-faceted talent.
“I’m a Noel Coward fan so absolutely delighted with this very clever medley of his songs, sung with charm by other artists as well as Noel … Review brief but then brevity is the soul of wit – Noel Coward would agree. Thank you.” J Andrews, Kent

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  1. Something To Do With Spring Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans 0:30
  2. Mrs. Worthington Noël Coward 0:30
  3. Mad About The Boy Dinah Shore 0:30
  4. Twentieth Century Blues Al Bowlly 0:30
  5. Zigeuner Artie Shaw & His Orchestra 0:30
  6. I'll See You Again Hildegarde 0:30
  7. London Pride Noël Coward 0:30
  8. The Younger Generation Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli 0:30
  9. You Were There Sam Browne 0:30
  10. Poor Little Rich Girl Judy Garland 0:30
  11. I'll Follow My Secret Heart Frank Sinatra 0:30
  12. A Room With A View Hildegarde 0:30
  13. Josephine Noël Coward 0:30
  14. Teach Me To Dance Like Grandma Raie Da Costa 0:30
  15. Where Are The Songs We Sung? Denny Dennis 0:30
  16. Never Again Greta Keller 0:30
  17. Imagine The Duchess's Feelings Noël Coward 0:30
  18. Dance, Little Lady Hildegarde 0:30
  19. I Travel Alone Leslie "Hutch" Hutchinson 0:30
  20. "Words And Music" Selection Ray Noble And The New Mayfair Orchestra 0:30
  21. Most Of Ev'ry Day Noël Coward 0:30
  22. Someday I'll Find You Gertrude Lawrence 0:30
  23. Mad Dogs And Englishmen Danny Kaye 0:30


  • A Tribute To This Major Talent
  • Noel Coward Tribute Album
  • Songs From The 1920s to 1950
  • His Finest Work Remastered
  • A Legendary Entertainer
  • Past Perfect Album Artwork

Composer, librettist, playwright, actor, singer and director – Noel Coward was all of these, and he remains one of the most famous figures in twentieth century British theatre. Quintessentially English he was too, and patriotic, and proud of it. In this collection of twenty-three different recordings ranging from 1928 to 1950, we are proud to present a tribute to the versatility and brilliance of this multi-faceted major talent.
From the time of his first published recording in 1928 into the 1940s Coward frequently used Carroll Gibbons as his accompanist or orchestral conductor – a wise choice as the American-born (but confirmed Anglophile) was a first-rate musician. At the keyboard he was matchless, with his own immediately identifiable style which we can enjoy on the sides where he accompanies Coward and, more specifically, in our opener, Something To Do With Spring. By this time, Carroll had sole leadership of The Savoy Hotel Orpheans as co-leader Howard Jacobs had left in June 1932 to direct the band at the Berkeley Hotel. Words And Music also gives us four more numbers or selections which first saw the light of day in this revue. Light years away from Gertrude Lawrence’s 1932 recording is the delectable Dinah Shore, from Tennessee, who gives us her caressing rendition of Mad About The Boy. This firmly points the way to Dinah Washington’s classic version sixteen years later. By 1939, the seven year-old The Younger Generation was in need of a little dusting off. This is certainly gets with Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli’s breathtakingly dazzling improvisations at a time when the soloists and The Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France were at their cohesive best. The outbreak of war found them in England; Reinhardt risked life and limb to leg it back to France while Grappelli stayed in the UK for the duration of the hostilities.


2 reviews for Words & Music Of Noel Coward: Songs From The 20s, 30s & 40s

  1. Sheridan Morley – Theatre Critic, Broadcaster & Biographer

    This brilliant disc brings back the greatest cabaret masters of the past and reminds us why cabaret itself was once so central to light entertainment in Britain and around the world.

  2. Mr CF, Illinois, USA

    I quickly received my final CD. I am thoroughly enjoying it, as well as the others, and I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future. Not only are you “Past Perfect”, your product and customer service are “present perfect” as well. This was my first purchase from “overseas”, and I’ll admit I was a little nervous about it. Please feel free to use me as a reference, and if other customers from the “States” are similarly nervous, have them drop me a line.

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