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The Andrews Sisters: Says My Heart. Vocal Trio 1930s & 40s

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1938 was the start of the big time for the Andrews Sisters with their signing to appear on Phil Baker’s ‘Dole Pineapple Show’. Although the series ran for just one season there were plenty of opportunities for guest slots on other broadcasts and they were now very much in demand. The Andrews Sisters were the most commercially successful female vocal trio of their era and this album presents 20 stylish close-harmony classics.
These are fantastic reproductions. If you like music from the 40s, you are sure to love this collection.Amazon customer

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  1. Says My Heart The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  2. Why Talk About Love The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  3. Love Is Where You Find It The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  4. It's Easier Said Than Done The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  5. Oooooh Boom ! The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  6. Oh ! Faithless Maid The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  7. Lullaby To A Jitterbug The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  8. Joseph, Joseph The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  9. Tu-Li-Tulip Time The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  10. Shortenin' Bread The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  11. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  12. Just A Simple Melody The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  13. Billy Boy The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  14. Where Have We Met Before The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  15. Ti-Pi-Tin The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  16. From The Land Of The Sky Blue Water The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  17. Sha-Sha The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  18. Oh ! Ma-Ma The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  19. Hold Tight, Hold Tight The Andrews Sisters 0:30
  20. Pross-Tchai (Goodbye) The Andrews Sisters 0:30


  • Close-Harmony Classics
  • Best Of The Andrews Sisters
  • World Famous Singing Trio
  • Music From the 1930s & 1940s
  • 20 Of Their Greatest Tracks
  • 1 Hour Of Remastered Music

If you were able to browse through the vast number of record company catalogues produced since 1930 (presuming you could find them all!) and check the roster of artistes, it would soon become apparent to you that there was never a time when a female vocal trio was not included. The earliest would be the Boswell Sisters, with records issued from 1930 until 1936. The Pickens Sisters were also there, from 1932 to 1934. Then, very much later, in 1946, we find the Dinning Sisters, and by the time popular music had become big business there were the DeMarco, Fontane, McGuire and Beverley Sister acts. But bridging the large gap from 1936 to 1946 were three girls who must surely rank as the best-known trio of all time, and commercially the most successful The Andrews Sisters.
They were all born in Minneapolis, LaVerne in July 1915, Maxene in January 1918, and Patti in February 1920, to a Greek restaurant owner and his Norwegian-born wife. In 1926 (when Patti was only six years old!) the girls began singing at amateur nights in local theatres, and even managed to get heard on the radio. Their father didn’t exactly approve of all this, but mother offered them encouragement, if only to get some peace from her quarrelsome daughters. They disagreed on just about everything except one music. They were entranced by the Boswell Sisters’ close harmony singing, and would always try to be near a radio when they were scheduled to broadcast. In 1932, when still only teenagers, the sisters toured the vaudeville circuit with a band led by Larry Rich. Although the youngest, Patti sang the lead parts and solos, serving as a very personable leader and the one who acted as a spokeswoman for the trio. They joined the Leon Belasco band in 1937 and Patti’s leadership was soon in evidence when they cut four titles with the band in March of that year, two with vocals by the trio, and two with Patti already doing a solo turn. Radio was quick to take advantage of this new talent and one night later that same year, during a broadcast from the Hotel Edison in New York they were heard by Dave Kapp, brother of the famous Jack. Dave immediately signed them to a contract with Decca Records and they made their first record in October. Then, on November 24, they were in the studios again, and hit the jackpot with a song that was to destined to become exclusively their own, and which went on to sell a million copies Bei mir bist du Schon. With the success of this record they rapidly became a household name, and it served as a wonderful Christmas present for the three girls after so many years of hard work and struggling to gain recognition. Then before they could catch their breath, they were in the studios again in February 1938 when they cut another great title, Ti-Pi-Tin there was no holding this infectious, bubbly trio.


2 reviews for The Andrews Sisters: Says My Heart. Vocal Trio 1930s & 40s

  1. Marcella Puppini from The Puppini Sisters

    The CDs are great.  There are so many Andrews Sisters songs I hadn’t heard before!

  2. Mr P

    I was very pleased with my last order … everyone says, and I agree, the CDs are excellent

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