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Small Group Swing: Jazz Bands From The 1920s, 30s, 40s

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It seems that every jazz lover of a certain age instinctively understands the meaning of ‘swing’ when used in a musical context. Swing comes in many guises and uses many voices, but it’s essentials never change: ‘rhythmic propulsion…a flowing beat…exciting jazz performances’. No doubt about it, Duke Ellington was right. Truly, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!
” Incredible how Past Perfect can restore what was put on the 78 originals over 70 years ago!” Robert Z.

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  1. Upstairs Stuff Smith 0:30
  2. I Ain't Got Nobody Chick Webb 0:30
  3. Chicken And Waffles Bunny Berigan 0:30
  4. Swingin' In The Cocoanut Trees Louis Jordan 0:30
  5. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home? The Spencer Trio 0:30
  6. Three Little Words The Bud Freeman Trio 0:30
  7. Raggin' The Scale Joe Venuti's Blue Four 0:30
  8. Josephine The Adrian Rollini Quartet 0:30
  9. Doug The Jitterbug Louis Jordan 0:30
  10. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume? Artie Shaw 0:30
  11. Countless Blues Kansas City Six 0:30
  12. Home James Harry James 0:30
  13. Body And Soul Art Tatum 0:30
  14. I'll Take The South Cleo Brown 0:30
  15. In A Little Spansih Town Chick Webb 0:30
  16. The Minor Drag Fats Waller 0:30
  17. When The Quail Come Back To Saint Quentin Artie Shaw 0:30
  18. Oh! Susannah, Dust Off That Old Piano New Orlean Rhythm Kings 0:30
  19. 29th And Dearborn Johnny Dodds 0:30
  20. Lorna Doone Short Bread The Spencer Trio 0:30
  21. China Boy Benny Goodman Trio 0:30
  22. When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam' Tommy Dorsey 0:30


  • Exciting Vintage Jazz Performances
  • The Best Small Jazz Bands
  • Over An Hour of Swing Music
  • Joe Venuti & Artie Shaw
  • Expertly Remastered Quality
  • It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing!

Every jazz lover of a certain age, it seems, instinctively understands the meaning of ‘swing’, when used in a musical context. But ask them for exact definitions and the response is vague. ‘It’s a feeling, a kind of rhythm’, they’ll say. Peter Clayton and Peter Gammond provided a more useful answer in their Jazz Companion (Guiness Books, 1989). They pinpointed the verb ‘to swing’ as ‘the act of creating the essential rhythmic propulsion and flowing beat that is the distinguishing mark of an exciting jazz performance’.

The first use of the ‘swing’ word is probably a matter of mystery now, a subject for arcane research: suffice it to say that Duke Ellington gave it wider currency in 1931 when he introduced his number, ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing’. This piece took on something of a prophetic ring, for within a very few years, ‘swing’ became a standard description for the brilliant dance music of the big bands and the many small groups which emerged from them.



5 reviews for Small Group Swing: Jazz Bands From The 1920s, 30s, 40s

  1. Mr JP, Ipswich

    Now speaking as a widower, these good old numbers considerably ease the boredom of household chores!

  2. Mr A, Cardiff

    If you like this kind of jazz era, small group swing, which is more structured/tuneful than later jazz and not as ‘loud and bashy’ as the big band era, then this is great. Great musicianship. Introduces lots of bands that one might want to go find out more about and listen to more of their music

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