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Past Perfect Vintage Music Collection Preloaded: iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB Silver

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The entire Past Perfect Collection on one pristine, refurbished portable media player! What better way to discover artists that you didn’t know you liked, and fabulous Vintage songs that you never knew existed.
“I am really happy with this device and it exceeds my expectations. It is easy to use and the sound of these oldies is superb. It is a really good idea to sell a pre-loaded device like this. It saves the user a lot of time and enables the listener to explore music back to the 20s. I would never have bought so many CDs from that period due to the risk of poor music quality. But to have 3 decades of mostly jazz music stored on one device was well worth taking that risk. I am completely satisfied with the result ……” S Wirtz



  • Instant Vintage Music – Straight From The Box, with fabulous sound quality and over 70 hours of the most popular music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s – Play all day. And all night – You’ll have plenty of tunes while travelling, while exercising, while relaxing at home and beyond.
  • Every single track and every CD you see on this website is preloaded onto the Vintage Collection iPod Touch
  • The iPod Touch comes with earphones and you simply tap the Music app to play your favourite songs. Or entire albums. Or everything by one artist. You can even browse by genres or composers. Flip through your music: album art looks great on the bigger 4″ screen.
  • iPod Touch comes with accessibility features that help people with disabilities enjoy music
  • A wide variety of apps, including a camera, video player, TV, even messaging and Facetime capabilities
  • With wi-fi connectivity you can browse websites and connect to social media while listening to your Past Perfect Vintage Music library.
  • An amazing media player and a cost effective way to own an entire vintage music library. Refurbished iPod Touch 32GB; condition is pristine.

Now Past Perfect has had the brilliant idea of putting its entire back catalogue of lovingly compiled albums on to an iPod. There are more than 1,376 tracks ranging from Billie Holiday to the Andrews Sisters, Count Basie to Cole Porter, Fats Waller to Beniamino Gigli. And while I reckon it would cost about £600 to buy the entire back catalogue on CD the fully loaded iPod is available for just £299.97.  Reluctant to rush into print after my previous experience, I’ve been vigorously road-testing the Past Perfect iPod for the past two months. It hasn’t jammed once, recharges like a dream, and even tells you the time. Technology has moved on since my last iPod experience – the Nano is smaller than a credit card and not much thicker and you get reproductions of Past Perfect’s stylish album covers on the full-colour screen, so you can leaf through the virtual records and pick out the one you want to play just as if it were a real LP. Indeed the neatness and ingenuity of the tiny machine is a pleasure in its own right.   The sound quality is apparently significantly better than you will get by downloading the songs at iTunes. The default quality for encoding is 128kbps while Past Perfect offers 224kbps. The lovely Kathy also sent me two pages of absolutely idiot-proof instructions and I’m sure she’ll do the same for you if you ask her nicely.  Time speeds by as you sample the portable delights on offer. You could start for instance with Noël Coward and Gertie Lawrence in Private Lives (strange how potent clipped accents are), move on to some classic swing and bebop and end your session with a blast of George Formby whose cheeky inanity never fails to cheer me up.   ……. for those who feel daunted by technology, this preloaded iPod is a thing of beauty, wonder and unexpected simplicity, packed with music that is truly olden but golden. This article is reproduced by kind permission of Charles Spencer – theatre critic of the Daily Telegraph, writing for The Spectator


1 review for Past Perfect Vintage Music Collection Preloaded: iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB Silver

  1. Mr Davidson, Scotland

    I couldn’t believe how fabulous it was until I received it – it’s brilliant! As a technophobe I quickly picked up how to use the iPod and in no time I was discovering artists I never knew I’d like. It’s a pleasure to deal with a company that’s so enthusiastic and efficient.

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