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Nightfall: Cool, Smooth & Relaxing Jazz From The 20s 30s & 40s

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Nightfall offers the best in smooth jazz music, featuring 20 late night laid-back classics. Enjoy our theme of easy-going and unhurried music, combining slower tempos, pretty melodies and superlative solo playing – quite the best way to end an evening as ‘nightfall’ approaches. Mellow heaven!
“I received the CD and was surprised how quickly it got to me. It sounds as if you are there, watching the musicians, really clear, thank you.” Peter Parr, Australia

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  1. Nightfall Benny Carter & His Orchestra 0:30
  2. Body And Soul Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra 0:30
  3. Blue Feeling Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra 0:30
  4. Memories Of You Benny Goodman Sextet 0:30
  5. Mighty Like The Blues Benny Carter & His Orchestra 0:30
  6. Lost In A Fog Coleman Hawkins 0:30
  7. In A Sentimental Mood Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra 0:30
  8. These Foolish Things Benny Goodman Sextet 0:30
  9. Just A Mood Benny Carter & His Orchestra 0:30
  10. Lamentation Coleman Hawkins 0:30
  11. Stormy Weather Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra 0:30
  12. More Than You Know Benny Goodman Trio 0:30
  13. Melancholy Lullaby Benny Carter & His Orchestra 0:30
  14. Devotion Coleman Hawkins 0:30
  15. Accent On Youth Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra 0:30
  16. I Surrender, Dear Benny Goodman Sextet 0:30
  17. Lazy Afternoon Benny Carter & His Orchestra 0:30
  18. Lullaby Coleman Hawkins 0:30
  19. Sophisticated Lady Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra 0:30
  20. Sweet Lorraine Benny Goodman Trio 0:30


  • Mellow Heaven!
  • The Best Smooth Jazz; Clean Sound, Faithful To The Original Recordings
  • Great To Play While Hosting A Dinner Party
  • Easy Listening Album
  • 20 Chilled-Out Tracks
  • With Benny Carter & Duke Ellington

In retrospect, the swing era seems to have been marked by a kind of musical hedonism.  The excitement generated by big bands, the exotic dance hall environments in which they worked, the vivid publicity which they earned, all contributed to the idea that non-stop enjoyment was not only desirable but inevitable.  Swing numbers were usually up-tempo, the dancers busily jitterbugging, the bandsmen sometimes outlandish, their road stories helping to sustain the music’s glamorous aura.
Much of this (if not all) is true, of course.  Swing-style jazz flourished in America and Europe in the immediate post-depression period, building in popularity as the Second World War loomed so who can blame the fans for their desire to shut out oncoming difficulties?  They wanted entertainment and pleasure, and loved the animation and vitality of the best swing bands. For all that, the famous orchestras or instrumentalists of the day knew full well that a diet of non-stop flag-wavers could pall and paced their presentations with slower ballads and blues, often featuring a key soloist who might create a lush version of a show song.  Of course, this allowed dancers to smooch, to linger romantically, before the programme changed.
It’s this facet of swing – its ‘laid-back’ aspect in modern parlance – which we celebrate here.  Tempos are slower and some smaller groups are given their head, the individual players better able to demonstrate their virtuosity and control.  The music still swings, but there’s subtlety and sophistication in these performances as well.


2 reviews for Nightfall: Cool, Smooth & Relaxing Jazz From The 20s 30s & 40s

  1. Jim Chaundy (verified owner)

    I have not received my copy of the cd as yet, but given the state of the postal service during the pandemic, I am not expecting it for perhaps another two weeks.
    I have listened to this cd many times on You Tube and I love it! It is one of the best examples of the wonderful, “over-the-top” craziness of the 1920s and ’30s I have heard. I am in my mid 80s now and can remember when much of this music was still commonly heard.

  2. Don Bagley

    This really captures a time and place that I was the most happy in my life. Late night in New York in the fifties, what a great time.Thank you so much. Its great, the tempo is just so right.

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