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G I Jive: Original 1930s & 1940s American Hits of WW2

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From the brilliant opening track by Johnny Mercer, tripping through to Benny Goodman, Eddie Heywood, Glenn Miller and The Mills Brothers, this popular album focuses on the American contribution to the popular music of World War II.
An excellent mix that doesn’t just include the same Forties recordings that have been issued forever. The old favourites are beautifully restored and the less well known add much greater range of tempo and style than is usually the case … includes music in tune with the US forces as well as that considered suitable for British listeners by the BBC.” Amazon customer

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  1. G.I.Jive Johnny Mercer (with Paul Western & His Orchestra) 0:30
  2. A Pair Of Silver Wings Dinah Shore 0:30
  3. Snafu Jump Glen Miller & The A.A.F. Training Command Band 0:30
  4. There's No You Jo Stafford (with Paul Western & His Orchestra) 0:30
  5. That's What The Well-Dressed Man In Harlem Will Wear Fats Waller (with The Victor 'First Nighter' Orchestra 0:30
  6. That Old Black Magic Margaret Whiting With Freddie Slack And His Orchestra 0:30
  7. Whispering Grass The Ink Spots 0:30
  8. We'll Meet Again Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman & His Orchestra 0:30
  9. Begin The Beguine EddieHeywood And His Orchestra 0:30
  10. My Shining Hour Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra 0:30
  11. Paper Doll The Mills Brothers 0:30
  12. All I Do Is Dream Of You Glen Miller & The A.A.F. Training Command Band / Dinah Shore 0:30
  13. A Zoot Suit Bob Crosby & His Orchestra / Nappy Lamare 0:30
  14. You Go To My Head Marlene Dietrich 0:30
  15. Furlough Fling Freddie Slack & His Orchestra 0:30
  16. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Joe Loss & His Orchestra/Paula Green 0:30
  17. FDR Jones Judy Garland 0:30
  18. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby Louis Jordan 0:30
  19. Stardust Glen Miller & The A.A.F. Training Command Band / Dinah Shore 0:30
  20. Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night In The Week Frank Sinatra 0:30
  21. Silver Wings In The Moonlight Margaret Whiting With Freddie Slack And His Orchestra 0:30
  22. Jodie Man Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra 0:30
  23. My Guy's Come Back Benny Goodman & His Orchestra & Liza Morrow 0:30
  24. St. Louis Blues March Glen Miller & The 418th. A.A.F. Band 0:30
  25. Cow Cow Boogie Ella Mae Morse with Freddie Slack & His Orchestra 0:30


  • Something Here To Meet Every Mood
  • Upbeat And Simply Nostalgic
  • Romantic Ballads
  • 1930 & 40s Swing Tunes, Rhythmic Novelties
  • Vocal Numbers, Big Bands And Period Ditties

Two men are walking down a suburban street, conversing in lively fashion, gesturing expansively, and chewing. Both are wearing army uniform, the cloth darker in colour and better tailored than the coarser British battledress. Even their forage caps seem smarter, worn at a rakish angle. Their shoes shine. These exotic individuals are approached by two English youngsters, one of whom dares to ask, Got any gum, chum? Smiling, one of the American G.I.s (for that’s what they are) reaches into his pocket and pulls out a couple of sticks of this much-coveted confection, and hands them over. Here you are, son, he says with a pronounced American accent, as he and his companion continue on their way. The two boys unwrap the chewing gum eagerly and soon begin to ape their Yankee friends, munching enthusiastically.


3 reviews for G I Jive: Original 1930s & 1940s American Hits of WW2

  1. Joe D, Calabash, NC

    “The music is especially comforting to me. I am a Disabled Veteran, USMC Vietnam, and home a lot so the music helps me with PTSD….and I have never seen 2 countries more united than during WWII and the 40’s than UK and USA..It was incredible and shows through the music of that era…I can almost feel it…”

  2. The Bulletin, Australia

    The sound on this disc is astonishing – as clear as a modern recording, refurbished to shine as brightly as a pair of GI boots.

  3. Mr PH, Cumbria

    This is amazing. Not the quality of the recordings, that goes without saying, but the delivery. I ordered three CDs last night between 7pm and 8pm – the postman delivered them this lunch time. You’ll be sending them before I give you the order next. Perhaps you should be called ‘Future Perfect’. Congratulations and thank you.

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