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Digitally Remastered Recordings

Creating fresh, crystal clear sounds whilst keeping the soul of the original

Digitally Remastered Recordings

Songs remind us of times in our lives, and familiar music triggers emotions.  But it is so often the quality of the recording that spoils the listeners’ enjoyment. Crackles, hisses and muffled words mask the nuances of the artists and performances.

Remastering of old recordings on formats such as CD have been around for a while. When we started Past Perfect our vision was not just to convert from one medium to another. We knew that if we applied the digital technology available to us, with our passion for maintaining the soul and personality of the original recordings, we would create something truly unique.

Our sound engineers are not only highly-skilled, they are tenacious when it comes to getting the absolute best out of every recording.

Unlike other record labels, we do not put restrictions or budgets on the time they need in order to achieve the outstanding quality we demand. For us, achieving crystal clear clarity is our goal and we don’t stop until we have accomplished it!

Going above and beyond

A most comprehensive collection of vintage music

A most comprehensive collection of vintage music

We have 60 compilation and single-artist titles, each one contains the best performers and recordings from that era or genre. Everything you hear is the result of years of dedication and a true passion for one hundred percent original vintage music.  A wonderful purchase for yourself; a grateful vintage present as a gift.

Our expertly remastered physical CDs include liner notes and great artwork. But if you prefer to instantly download, our MP3s are encoded at 224kbps.

Don’t just take our word for it

Don’t just take our word for it

“I’ve never found digital remastering of early recordings very satisfactory – until now. Past Perfect have not only managed to produce a high quality, but have preserved the original ‘soul’ of the recordings at the same time. Don’t ask how it is done – just thankful that they can do it!”

Tony Brandon, Saga FM

"Expertly remastered" is an understatement. It's like seeing the Sistine Chapel without 500 years of grub and grime. Thank you for restoring authenticity.”

YouTube Review

“Everyone who worked on the sound, deserves a knighthood.”

L Travis

“I’m totally blown away – I own over 40 different Ink Spots CDs and not one even comes close to the sound of yours – I put it on and my jaw dropped.”

T Cote, USA

“I have played the recordings concurrently with the original 78s from my collection and I can confirm that the only thing lost is the surface noise. This is very much not the case with other re-recordings.”

R Ramsbottom, Southport
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