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1940s Vintage Music

1940s Music

Celebrate the richly talented performers and nostalgic music of the 1940s with a range of expertly remastered classic CDs from Past Perfect. Featuring the very best music from the 40s, you can enjoy legendary wartime artists on expertly remastered CDs including Noel Coward, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and of course Glenn Miller and His Orchestra.

Despite the ongoing Second World War, this was a decade rich in charm and character. American allied troops were a now common sight on the British landscape and their influence is reflected in the popular music of this era.

Popular Music of The 1940s

Whether you remember the upbeat rhythm of the swing or prefer the romantic ballads and vocal numbers, the 1940s had it all.

Nostalgic World War II Music

Take a sentimental journey back to the 1940s with this irresistible collection of melodies, available on numerous classic compilation CDs, each painstakingly remastered for a highly original, yet superb quality recording.