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Gateway To A Land Forgotten By Modern Radio

Past Perfect - Vintage iPod Review from Robert Mairs at

With radio catering mainly for teenagers and housewives and record players consigned to the annals of history, is Past Perfect’s custom iPod music to pensioners’ ears? Robert Mair reports.

Listening to music from the 1920s, 30s and 40s today can be a challenge for many people of that generation; modern radio doesn’t cater for that era, record players are now rare and expensive and many may not have used a CD player before. So iPods are really pushing the limits of what can be achieved. Reliance on computers, the need to upload CDs and sync the iPod may test even the most switched-on silver surfers. But vintage music specialist Past Perfect has come up with a solution to the problem in a bid to keep music from the 1920s-40s alive: they do all the hard stuff for you.  Rather than spending hours adding songs to the iPod, creating playlists or searching for cover art, everything is done prior to it being posted to you.

The Past Perfect Collection pulls together the entire collection of songs in the organisation’s catalogue – 1,075 titles to be exact – and includes them on the iPod, providing about 3 days of continuous music.

As a result, the Past Perfect Collection Vintage iPod requires no set up – users just plug the earphones in and turn it on. The iPod’s cover flow function displays album artwork for all of the Past Perfect titles, and makes it an easy way to find the album you want to play. Simply turn the wheel clockwise and it will scroll through the albums until you locate the one you want.

The pre-loaded music covers a vast array of different styles, including jazz, swing, show tunes and big band – meaning there’s something for everyone who grew up in the era. Likewise, there’s a broad spread of artists, including George Formby, Louis Armstrong, Cole Porter, Glenn Miller, Fred Astaire and Al Jolson.

The Past Perfect Collection – Vintage iPod could be used by care homes if it is bought with a speaker system – which costs an additional £50 - or individuals in their own homes.

For care homes and care home managers, the benefits are easily apparent; it provides a ready-made music system tailored to the ages of the residents, with enough songs and variety of music to provide months of entertainment. It could also be used as a soundtrack to reminiscence exercises. It would also make a great gift for people who live in their own home for similar reasons, especially if people have been forced to downsize and have consequently had to sell their record collection.

Retailing at £279.97, the Past Perfect Collection – Vintage iPod may be a luxury item, but it represents excellent value-for-money considering the cost it would take to buy the iPod, music collection and mains charger separately - by our reckoning close to £800. It also represents a gateway to a land modern radio has forgotten.

This article is reproduced with the permission of - a source of vital information on care for the elderly.