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Love And Romance Tunes

Love & Romance

"I wanted to follow up with you about the CDs I ordered from you for my August wedding. They were perfect! Wonderful background music to compliment my deco wedding theme. Many of the guests were enjoying drinks outdoors on my parents' veranda, and the music wafted softly from the house. Everyone commented on how classy the event was. Everyone loved the music, and I highly recommend it for everything from cocktail hour and dinner parties to quiet romantic evenings :-) ".

Such is the popularity of the love song that Past Perfect has a fantastic collection of CDs featuring the greatest ever romantic recordings from a bygone era.

Romantic Music CDs

Featuring truly great entertainers such as Fred Astaire, Perry Como and Sinatra, you can enjoy all of the most popular romantic love songs in expertly remastered digital quality. Some of the top vintage songs ever.

Memorable romantic music for Valentines Day, weddings, dinner parties and cosy evenings with your loved one. Whether you are a fan of the classic love ballad or the soft romantic melody, take a trip down memory lane with Past Perfect and enjoy the sweet nostalgic, relaxing sounds of a golden generation.