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  • Garland Wilson
    Rockin' Chair was one of the first commercial records made by Garland Wilson (1909-54) and shows a marked Earl Hines influence. Often underrated, Wilson was a product of the Harlem stride school who undertook many long-term engagements in London and Paris from 1932 until his death.
  • Gene Krupa
    Gene Krupa formed his own first rate band after a tiff with Benny Goodman early in 1938 and ran it for five years until he was jailed on a narcotics charge. Upon his release, he worked for Tommy Dorsey and even his old boss Benny Goodman before forming a new band in 1944.
  • George Formby
    One of the most famous English entertainers of all time, this talented singer and comedian is remembered for his skilful playing of the ukulele, known simply as ‘Formby Style’.
  • George Gershwin
    This American composer enjoyed great success with his vocal and theatrical collaborations with brother Ira which feature in many popular Broadway shows.
  • George Olsen
    George Olsen's recording of the track Doin' The Raccoon was the best-selling hit version. Quintessential 1920s stuff.
  • Georges Ulmer
    Georges Ulmer (1919-1989) was born J’rgen Ulmer in Copenhagen but went to the French Riviera as a child. One of Ulmer's most ardent fans was Maurice Chevalier, who knew a true professional when he saw one.
  • Geraldo
    Walkin' By The River, a 1943 offering by Geraldo and His Orchestra, clearly demonstrates the effect of American practice on British arrangement.
  • Gertrude Lawrence
    Upon learning of Gertrude Lawrence's sudden death on 6 September 1952 aged only fifty-four, a shattered Noel Coward wrote "Sometimes, in Private Lives, I would look across the stage at her and she would simply take my breath away: nobody I have ever known, however brilliant or however talented, has contributed quite what she contributed to my work. Her quality to me was unique and her magic imperishable."
  • Ginger Rogers
    This award winning actress and vocalist starred in more than 70 films during her grand career, but is best known for her film work and as dance partner of Fred Astaire.
  • Glenn Miller
    This world famous American bandleader and jazz musician, famed for entertaining troops during the Second World War, enjoyed hits such as ‘Moonlight Serenade’.
  • Gracie Fields
    Gracie Fields was Lancashire born and reached the heights in comedy and film roles. In November 1939 Gracie travelled to entertain the troops. We hear her in full flight, with just a piano, doing just that in a recording actually broadcast by the BBC. Wish Me Luck was from her very popular recent film 'Shipyard Sally' which took on a greater significance now that there was a war on.
  • Greta Keller
    Sultry-voiced Greta Keller had an intimate style. She was described as possessing 'a perfect microphone voice'. Unlike many popular singers, Greta's beginnings were in cabaret and not as a dance band vocalist.

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Spanning three decades rich in musical talent, the range of vintage music CDs from Past Perfect brings together an astounding collection of the most famous tunes performed by the greatest performers of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

With so many great names from this golden era the choice can be somewhat overwhelming, which is why you can search for nostalgic music CDs and classic compilations featuring your favourite artist.

Each recording is packed with a selection of fantastic songs, all expertly remastered for an original, yet superb quality audio experience.

Whether you are looking for a sensational collection of tunes from Glenn Miller and his world famous orchestra or the dulcet lyrics of Bing Crosby and Cole Porter, finding your favourite artists from yesteryear is easy!