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  • Adelaide Hall
    This American-born British jazz singer enjoyed success with classic songs such as ‘I Must Have That Man’ and ‘Diga Diga Doo’.
  • Adrian Rollini
    This multi-talented American jazz musician played the bass, sax and piano amongst other instruments, with a string of popular bands between the 1920s and 50s.
  • Al Bowlly
    Born in Mozambique - although exactly when no-one really knows - Bowlly is widely regarded as the greatest dance band signer of all time.
  • Al Jolson
    One of the most influential entertainers of the 20th century, Al Jolson was an energetic performer for whom singing was a passion.
  • Alice Faye
    Born in 1915, this popular American musical actress and singer enjoyed a colourful career on stage and as a radio comedienne.
  • Ambrose
    The popularity of Ambrose & His Orchestra's Saturday night radio broadcasts boosted the band's fame. Ambrose remains in the opinion of many, the top British bandleader of the 1930s.
  • Andy Kirk & His Clouds Of Joy
    This expert jazz saxophonist and tubist was more widely known as a bandleader of the hugely popular Twelve Clouds of Joy.
  • Anne Shelton
    Born in 1923, Shelton was a traditional English vocalist who was best known for singing moral boosting songs for troops during the Second World War.
  • Anton Karas
    A born entertainer, Karas was an expert player of the Viennese zither. He travelled all over the world, once even playing for the British Royal Family.
  • Arcadians Dance Orchestra
    Bert Firman collected 21 different names for his ensemble Dance Orchestras.  The list of aliases included the Arcadians Dance Orchestra.  
  • Art Tatum
    Although partially sighted, this phenomenal American-born pianist became an overnight sensation thanks to his mesmerising talent and harmonic awareness.
  • Artie Shaw
    Such was the success of this popular jazz clarinettist, Artie Shaw practically wrote his own era in the history of swing music.
  • Arthur Roseburg

Top Artists - Overview

Spanning three decades rich in musical talent, the range of vintage music CDs from Past Perfect brings together an astounding collection of the most famous tunes performed by the greatest performers of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

With so many great names from this golden era the choice can be somewhat overwhelming, which is why you can search for nostalgic music CDs and classic compilations featuring your favourite artist.

Each recording is packed with a selection of fantastic songs, all expertly remastered for an original, yet superb quality audio experience.

Whether you are looking for a sensational collection of tunes from Glenn Miller and his world famous orchestra or the dulcet lyrics of Bing Crosby and Cole Porter, finding your favourite artists from yesteryear is easy!